Our Services

We offer four distinct services to satisfy your diverse needs. In addition, we can tailor a custom, cost-effective program detailed specifically for you. Simply contact us here.


End of Day Service

End of Day

Our End of Day service is our most affordable option and is generally meant for items that do not require a temperature control or a strict time constraint.

Any order submitted and received before 11:00 AM CST will be picked up and delivered to its destination by 5:00 PM CST, the same day – except weekends. Wherever your pick up originates and is destined to, within our broad service area, you can rest assured it will be delivered by the time the day ends.

4-Hour Service


Our 4-hour service speeds up the delivery window two hours earlier than our END of DAY service, but without the constraint of a pick-up time and at a cost-effective rate. Furthermore, it is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Standard STAT

Standard STAT

Our Standard STAT Service ensures delivery of your high-priority substances at an urgent pace and still at a competitive price.  We’ll move swiftly – directly to your pick-up location and quickly deliver your items to their destination as soon as possible.


Emergency STAT

Emergency STAT

Time is of the essence and not a single second can be spared. That is why we’ll truly make each second count.

Submit your order at any time, around the clock and we’ll pick it up almost immediately, and perform our very best to deliver it within one hour.